Miss, recall someone not seen in a while, remember the deceased. páˀawx̣na ‘he missed him, didn’t see him any more (he died or moved away)’; áwawx̣naaš ‘I missed him (didn’t see him today)’; áwawx̣šaaš ‘I am missing him (don’t see him any more)’; áwawx̣šaaš ƛ̓áax̣ʷna ‘I miss them all’; áwx̣šamaš ‘I don’t see you any more (i.e., you are always at work), I miss you (as when you don’t show up at work)’; pamáˀawx̣ša ‘they’re remembering, reminiscing’; páˀawx̣ša ƛ̓áax̣ʷmaaman ‘they are having a memorial’; áwawx̣šaaš tanánmaaman ana pmáy pawačá čná ‘I’m having a memorial for the people who used to be here’; áwawx̣nayišaaš pšɨ́t ‘I miss his father’; čwáwˀawx̣n ‘have memorial dinner’; áwx̣ni ‘missed, thought of, remembered’. Ablaut: awíix ‘thin, sheer’. [NP /haw´q/.]