Fern-leaved desert parsley, Lomatium dissectum. It was used to kill fish, also as a medicine, as a wet dressing or to bathe in. It was pounded up and wrapped in gauze and put on a horse for saddle sore. The root is said to kill fleas on dogs. čalúkš iwá níix̣ k̓usimaamí płɨ́x̣ ‘the fern-leaved desert parsley is a good horse medicine’; čalúkš iwá ana kúuš tún šapx̣ʷlakayí ‘the fern-leaved desert parsley is like a squash’; čalukšmí mɨ́c̓ay ‘fern-leaved desert parsley root’. [NP /ˀic̓is/; NP “titálam” (Aoki 1994:760).]