Augment. For CR equivalent see -i. Most widespread in NW: ínk ‘I’; ímk ‘you’; pɨ́nk ‘he, she, it’; piimanák ‘them’; imínk ‘yours’; etc. With 2nd/3rd person accusative pronouns in NE: imaná(k) ‘you’; imaamaná(k) ‘you’ (pl.); imiinamaná(k) ‘you two’; paaná(k) ‘him, her, it’; paamaná(k) ‘them’; piinamaná(k) ‘them two’. Does not occur before enclitics (except for =sá): kʷáalx̣i ‘that same distance’ (Jacobs 1929:225:4; cf. kʷáalk ‘that long, that tall, that far’ Jacobs 1929:225:4). In all the dialects before =sá ‘alone’: ilksá ‘I alone’; lamaksá ‘we alone’; paalaksá ‘he alone’; etc. [Cf. Klamath -k (Barker 1963b:179).]