Adjunct that occurs only in the CR dialects. Occurs after a (where it is orthographically -y) in Umatilla: pmáy ‘they’; k̓ʷáy ‘that’; naamanáy ‘us’; imanáy ‘you (acc.)’; paanáy ‘him/her/it’; piinamanáy ‘them two’; etc. Also occurs in WS after nominative personal pronouns: íni ‘I’; ími ‘you’; pɨ́ni ‘he/she/ it’; náamay ‘we’; etc. The N dialects variously have instead -k, thus NW: ínk ‘I’; ímk ‘you’; pɨ́nk ‘he/she/it’; namák ‘we’; etc. [Cf. NP /-i/ in /ˀipí/ ‘he, she, it’; Klamath i in ni ‘I’; mi ‘yours’; bi ‘he, she, it’.]